Jason Mann, MD, PhD


Jason Mann is a Partner of Arcis Capital Partners and is based in Hong Kong.

After growing up in China, Jason graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College and then at the top of his medical school class.  He also completed a PhD in cancer research, discovering a new molecular pathway in colon cancer.  

Starting his career at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School, Jason's focus has been investing and building international healthcare businesses that aim to make the world a better place, including biopharma, medical device / diagnostics, healthcare IT, and healthcare services.  This work has involved advising the CEOs and Boards of Directors for many businesses creating financial and social value in Asia.

While at McKinsey & Company, Jason worked on multiple continents helping investors and life science / healthcare strategies to achieve international growth objectives, while also leading operational teams to implement strategic recommendations.  Jason later led the China healthcare team at Barclays, where he advised global healthcare investors on opportunities in Asia - working to strike a favorable risk / reward on opportunities with asymmetric return profiles.

Jason has spent the last 10+ years advising investors, including Asian billionaires, and building healthcare businesses in Asia.  He has an extensive global network of investors, entrepreneurs, and strategic operating businesses.  Sought out by the media, including The Economist / Wall Street Journal / Bloomberg and others for insights on healthcare, particularly in Asia.


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