Our investment process is specifically calibrated to achieve accelerated outcomes at all stages through a three step approach:    


Transformational Change Through “Growth Engineering”

Our ability to add value relies heavily on our operational experience applying analytics to help companies optimize production, reduce costs and improve distribution. Our first major step upon consummating an investment, therefore, is to develop an internal plan to materially enhance operational efficiencies.

We call this process of operational improvement, “Growth Engineering” because it entails systematizing change against pre-defined milestones – milestones that allow us to critically evaluate progress at each stage.

Accelerated Growth Through Expansion Into US-Asia Marketplace

In parallel to these operational enhancements, we analyze markets across both Asia and the U.S. to identify target areas for distribution and potential strategic partners best suited for alignment.

This connectivity – particularly with joint venture strategic partners – enables us to stimulate growth into Asia through expanded market access and distribution, and exposure to a diverse audience not typically afforded to non-global brands.

We also allocate significant resources and dispense strategic guidance to ensure our companies are structured properly and well-positioned for cross-border success prior to launching outside of their home market.


Diverse Global Exits

The final stage of our investing process is engineering an early exit. We understand that having a clear trajectory with milestones for exit is often the key to a profitable outcome. Our US-Asia cross-border capabilities, operational acumen, and connectivity to a global network of capital markets and strategic investors is designed to produce earlier and more profitable exits.